Stunning Indoor-Outdoor Interplay of Villa J

Villa J is a modern house design that looks so awesome. The spacious outdoor space on it would be a very good choice that you can get. Moreover, you can see a seamless interplay of indoor and outdoor design. With the cubicle architecture design, This Villa J that located in Kampinge, Sweden could be a good model for your home design.

Here, you can see a cubicle design of the building that looks so interesting with the white exterior and black lines on it. The outdoor patio of this house looks so fascinating. You can see a black pergola made of iron that looks so solid on it. Combination of iron and rattan material for the outdoor furniture must make this design even more splendid.

The seamless border between indoor-outdoor interplay will make the design even more endearing. Supported by the glass frames that surround the area, make the interplay becomes so captivating. The wooden deck with some chaise lounges would be an enjoyable furniture for you. You can also find an outdoor swimming poll that looks magnificent with some plants around it.

For the interior design, you can see that this house design are accentuated with some wooden materials inside it. The white scheme within the house will make a spacious nuance inside the house. Some vibrant decorations on it also make the design more endearing. There is also some brick accents wall creates a gorgeous accent over the white scheme. Some artistic decorations also spotted in this house.

The Villa J is a very endearing looking house that could be a very inspiring model for your home design. The seamless interplay between indoor and outdoor design becomes the main attraction of it. You can also see that the decoration on it looks so artistic. We can assume that it is a comfortable and cozy house.