Magnificent Vibrant Home Design with Wooden Materials in Casa IV

A vibrant private residence must be a very good choice for those who want to have a house. This Casa IV that located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, would be a good choice for you. The endearing interior design with energetic decoration ideas would be a very impressive choice that you can get.

In the living room, you can see a huge gray sofa on the gray rug. With some accent chairs in different colors and also lounge chair on it, this kind of living room would be the lovely place to hang with your family or relatives. You can also notice that the wooden flooring and wooden panel on the wall seem to dominate the interior design on this place.

The high ceiling design of this house makes the interior design even more awesome. Apparently, the wood materials are dominating the interior decoration of this house. The wooden room divider would also make the design looks so endearing on it. You can also see that there is also wooden stairs on it that connect you with the second floor.

In the other hand, some vibrant decorations and glass frames also accentuate the wooden materials that surrounding this house. Covered with linen draperies, the huge glass windows will make the house looks more splendid. Meanwhile, you can also find a wooden deck on the second floor that looks gorgeous with the glass frame on it.

This Casa IV could be a good model for those who want to have a contemporary home design. The awesome design of it seems to be a very good choice that could make a comfortable living space. Various wooden materials inside the house redeem the vibrant accents so that it is a bit calm. This splendid home design must be a very good choice that you can get.