Hugues Tournier with His Comfy House Mazeres

Today, we’re gonna talk about a home that is built by Hugues Tournier in southwestern France. It is situated in a land around 350sqm. The first impression when we see this dwelling is a farmhouse with modern design, in which we have to see deeply inside of it. This dwelling has large building made from the combination of bricked wall and natural stone painted in cream tone. Then, the windows and doors have black tempered glass materials match with traditional grey layers. You can see its top that has small tower, which allows us to see the view around it.

If we go inside, a contrast appearance will stun our eyes. An open space concept dominates this space. There is living room that applies lowest white sofas and glossy wooden table with two rattan chairs. They are spaced by two grey dividers, which function as storage. Then, beside of them has long bookshelf with industrial design in black tone. Meanwhile, its floor has grey concrete flooring that fits with back wooden ceiling and grey-black furniture in here.

Move to the other spaces, we’ll see comfortable dining set that applies minimalist black dining table with eight modern dining chairs in white. The black rug becomes the base to place them all. In here, white concrete flooring fits with white ceiling which allows black stairs to get into the upper space. In the corridor of second storey, there is working desk that fits with its small space. It has long grey table in minimalist style with single wooden chair. The impressive view lies on its family room that has transparent floor made from strong and clear tempered glass. Don’t be worry, it has simple yet strong iron fence. All you can see in here is something that floats away in symmetrical accent. What a clever design.