Enjoyable Pavilion in Cyprus as Extension of Main Home

Perfect interior design is the achievement of every designer in building a house as the artwork. As its nature, artwork has to have concept, proper material, and nice outlook. It has the same with the pavilion that is created by Kytreotis Architects. Located in Cyprus, this pavilion suits best as a space to escape from the ordinary. You can see its design that looks like floating with calm tone and natural accent.

It is built on the backyard of main home, which is surrounded by green plants and trees. Then, the square pavilion stands beautifully in here. Wooden material on its square space has made the entire space feels relaxing. It is supported by folded accent on the edge of its deck combines with some holders that also made from wooden material. Well, it applies four grey lounge chairs and single rattan chair with small table. They allow you to enjoy the calming nuance in here.

Green plants on old clay vases that fit with the old wooden floor landscape decorate the entire space. In here, you can see the detail work by seeing its setting that looks tidy and everything seems in its part with good scale. After that, the inner space has several daybeds in striped pattern combine with large couches that put on the surface. In order to make it more private, the glass wall is applied with no reduce the beauty on its look. Actually, before you enter this pavilion, you can enjoy yourself by swimming on the medium sized pool in front of the lounge area. It has blue tile wall as the base layer of this pool that makes it looks fresh blue. Moreover, when the autumn comes, the falling leaves add natural beauty with thousand relaxing sensation you can have. Want you to stay in this beauty place?