Amazing House Built by Hammer Architects

This is two storey house with comfortable outlook that makes you fly away enjoying the beauty of this space. Well, it is located in Massachusetts, USA that’s called as North Pamet Ridge House. As you can see in the picture, it is absolutely has two storey that applies different materials. The entire house has white concrete wall with wooden material in the ground, while the second floor is dominated by glass wall. It looks beauty and well match with the environment around it. The wooden material on the balcony has made it becomes a perfect place to enjoy the time. The balcony looks unique, because it has wooden deck with wooden holder and it’s covered by wire fence. There are two white lounge chairs fit in this space.

After all, let’s get inside. All you can see is open space concept that dominates this interior. The comfy living room with minimalist design fits with the presence of wide wooden space that allows you to have your activity in here. Actually, what makes it unique lies on the second floor. How about that? This space has long wide space that is filled by comfy sofa in soft green tone. Then, it has small black electrical fireplace built in the wooden wall with bookshelves. Behind of it has clear dining set that applies smooth wooden dining table with comfortable dining chairs made from wooden. They fit with entire space, because the flooring uses blonde wooden material to create calm accent.

Then, back of the dining table is  a modern kitchen that no need bigger space. The kitchen island performs as kitchen bar and serving desk with three black bar stools. Its wooden material fit with built in cabinet that also made from wooden material. Okay, as you can see that the bedroom is placed in the second floor to maximize relaxing moment. Lowest bed frame becomes the style of this bed with grey stripes bedding. This house is awesome.